Both companies, "Bartel" and "Weissbarth", were established more than 120 years ago in the early 1880´s. They were originally dedicated to the production of "Gablonzer Schmuck" (jewelry from Gablonz). During the course of time their main area of concentration has remaines in the costume jewelry industry in the form of plastic injedtion moulding technology.

At our range of products you find the knowledge of 4 generations. Our name stands for flexibility , capability and quality. Because of our modern machineries and our qualified employees you can count on it.

If required we will procuce your design and even build the molds and make preproduction models of it.

We are working with all kinds of plastic materials (even fiberglass reinforced grinding plastics) as well as Nylon (PA), BPT, Acrylic Glass (PMMA), Polystyrene (PS), Desmopan, SAN, ABS, Cellulose Acetate , as well as some “exotic” Plastics, that can be changed after your visions for example be Spangled.

We are famous for our wide range of colours and the flexibility in producing your own colour.
We can produce :

· All transparent colours
· Full colours
· Marbled colours
· Spangled colours
· Sublimated colours (Gold, Silver, AB, Iridis)
· Decoration colours (Tiger, Snakes, Fantasy prints)
· Crash
· Bubbles